Seattle Seahawks RB Marshawn Lynch Not Irreplaceable

So the Seattle Seahawks are apparently taking the stance we all knew they would in the Marshawn Lynch holdout, basically telling him that the doors lock to keep people out- not the other way around.

He’s quoting Seahawks GM John Schneider there. ┬áThere isn’t much confusion, is there? Thanks for coming, take a version of our home game with you. In a league where it becomes increasingly evident that OL and scheme are more important than the individual RB you have to wonder just how far is Lynch prepared to take this? How many good RB’s flail away behind suspect lines and questionable schemes and playcalling? How many mediocre backs are productive simply because they have the opposite?

And here’s Lynch- already persona non grata once in his career- pushing the buttons on the franchise that took a major leap of faith in bringing him in. To be honest, neither side owes the other one anything. The Seahawks are Super Bowl Champions and Lynch has resurrected his career. This is more about Lynch’s lack of appreciation more than anything.

In our professional lives, no matter what it is we do, you have to understand the outside forces that surround you and your business. You need to be aware of your replaceability. Some folks are more replaceable than others. Lynch is not irreplaceable and his absence may just set the perfect stage for Christine Michael to show the Seahawks just how much they don’t have to pay Lynch.

In a way, I get what Lynch is doing. He’s 28 and we all know what happens to 30 year old RB’s. He’s trying to get his. But is he willing to take this to extremes? Is he willing to play somewhere else and leave the makings of a perennial contender just to get paid?

It’s easy to sit here on the sidelines and comment, but to me- the money will come from winning. Winning doesn’t necessarily come with money.

Be careful what you wish for, Marshawn. You just may get it.

Los Angeles Lakers Hire Byron Scott- The Only One Who Made Sense

Byron Scott agrees to terms with Los Angeles Lakers to become head coach – ESPN Los Angeles.

The Los Angeles Lakers announced the hiring of Byron Scott as their new head coach Saturday. This late in the cycle, it was the only move that made sense.

If for no other reason than Kobe Bryant had already reportedly given his stamp of approval, it really was the only hire that would have felt right. Scott is a former Showtime Laker, he mentored Kobe during his rookie year, and he’s had some limited success as a head coach in the past.

No, I’m not counting the Cleveland Cavaliers debacle.

Looking at his time with the New Orleans then-Hornets, the encouraging thing is that their defensive ranking steadily increased during his time. The Lakers of late have not been known for their play on that end of the court so if he can lend himself to that task successfully, it will be marked departure from recent years.

However, this is not going to be easy by any stretch of the imagination. This is not your father’s Lakers. This is a franchise who can’t attract free agents anymore and is bound by a huge contract Bryant signed for the next two years. Roster flexibility does not exist and there is limited talent, even if you believe Carlos Boozer can be a quality contributor.

Scott managed to take the New Jersey Nets to a couple of NBA Finals and won NBA Coach Of The Year in 2008. Can he shape this highly questionable roster into respectability? The crystal ball is cloudy, but who else would they have turned to?

After Lionel Hollins went to the Nets, the other rumored candidates included George Karl and Mike Dunleavy. Oof. Dunleavy did take the Lakers to the Finals in 1990-1991, and had some good Blazers teams in the late 1990′s, but these days he’s not the answer. George Karl failed to maximize talent and corral egos, not exactly a good pairing with Bryant.

So in the end the Lakers’ hands were really tied. At least Kobe likes him, whatever that means.

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