San Francisco Giants Win World Series With 3-2 Game 7 Win Over Kansas City Royals; But It Could Have Been Better

The San Francisco Giants are World Series Champions, and they did it behind the arm of P Madison Bumgarner. A 3-2 win in Game 7 is more than any baseball fan could have asked for. Or is it?

I mean, maybe I’m getting greedy here, but in the bottom of the 9th with two outs, Kansas City Royals LF Alex Gordon hits a single that eventually allowed him to get to third after the Giants outfielders decided to kick the ball around. As I was watching it, I thought for sure Gordon would be sent home and we’d get a play at the plate- the ULTIMATE drama in a game 7, right?

Alas, he was not sent and the next batter, C Salvador Perez, proceeded to go after the first pitch he saw- which was a ball- and have one of the worst at-bats I think I can recall to end a series. After the game, ESPN’s Buster Olney tweets that Gordon didn’t run full speed out of the box.

I’m sorry, what?


I just don’t understand that. I mean, I do. Gordon obviously thought reaching first base was his ceiling because what Major League outfielder would kick a routine base-hit IN THE 9TH FRIGGIN’ INNING OF THE 7TH FRIGGIN’ GAME OF THE FRIGGIN’ WORLD SERIES??

Now I won’t get stupid and say the Royals lost the World Series because of this, but holy hell- RUN, MAN!

Let’s indulge and think about it: Gordon, the sensational left fielder on the no-name Kansas City Royals who surprised everyone by hanging on long enough to make the post-season, slaps a single to keep hope alive with two outs in the bottom of the ninth of Game 7 trailing the San Francisco Giants by one run. What’s that? Gregor Blanco misplayed the ball! Gordon is racing around the bases, he’s on his way home, he’s…..SAFE! THE KANSAS CITY ROYALS ARE STILL ALIVE!

THAT, my friends, would have been all a fan could ask for. Yes, I’m being greedy but so what- I’m a fan.

Chicago Bears Season Is Over

Chicago Bears vs. New England Patriots – Box Score – October 26, 2014 – ESPN.

Bye-week-shmye-week. Hear me now- this Bears’ season is over. And to label it as anything else but a cataclysmic disaster is being nice.

And no, it’s not all Jay Cutler’s fault.

I have been a Cutler defender. Not because he doesn’t make mistakes, but because I feel like he’s constantly put in a position to be a player he’s not. He’s not Aaron Rodgers, Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, or even Andrew Luck. He’s also not Jeff George. For all the talk of head coach Marc Trestman being a quarterback whisperer, it sure as hell seems like the Bears aren’t getting their bang for their buck.

Cutler does some things that make you really frustrated. He’ll throw fundamentals to the wind at the drop of a hat and throw off the wrong foot, from the wrong slot, and all of the above. He’ll also throw it over the top of a defense to hit his running back in stride for a 25 yard touchdown pass, like he did Sunday.

And then in a heartbeat, he’ll cough up the ball on a strip sack and throw into quadruple coverage the end the half.

It’s maddening- no pun intended.

Even with all those things I mentioned, Cutler still finished 20-for-30 for 227 yards and three touchdowns. Truly Jekyll-and-Hyde.

The people that want to pin this season all on Cutler are simply looking for a scapegoat. The bigger disappointment is that all of the defensive acquisitions have seemingly been all for naught. There are teams with far less talent on paper that seem to be getting good contributions from lesser players. The real question at this point is how Bears’ personnel have not left defensive coordinator Mel Tucker duct taped in an airport men’s room by now.

The Patriots gained 25 first downs through the air. Twenty-freakin’-five. Seriously? ¬†From the middle of the first quarter until the end of the second quarter, the Patriots put together a 17-play drive and back to back 10 play drives that each resulted into a touchdown. Those three drives covered 224 yards. The 17-play drive? Only 68 yards. That’s getting ground to death by a machine that has no conscience.

Wanna know the best part? DE Lamarr Houston- who actually hasn’t been completely awful this year- suffering a possible season ending knee injury celebrating a sack- the Bears’ only sack AND QB hit- in the fourth quarter when the result was already decided.

Too. Effing. Perfect.

Mercifully, the Bears have a bye week to heal and sing ‘Kum ba ya’ and come together to pull their collective heads out of their collective posteriors. It’s hard to believe they’re capable and it’s hard to have faith in a head coach that doesn’t seem to see the problems. If Lovie Smith could be fired for being a defensive coach who couldn’t figure out the offense, what do we do with an offensive coach that currently stinks at both? And I haven’t even brought up special teams, which has likewise been abhorrent.

No, sadly, there is no hope for this Bears team. They just don’t have it in them.

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