NFL Week 7 Power Rankings

As of Tuesday morning…

LW TW NFL Team W Diff Road W Home L W +500 W +600 W +700 W +800 87 Index
1 1 San Diego Chargers 5 73 2 0 1 1 92.75
4 2 Philadelphia Eagles 5 51 1 1 2 81.00
5 3 Baltimore Ravens 4 67 2 1 2 1 78.75
2 4 Dallas Cowboys 5 39 3 1 1 1 75.75
3 5 Indianapolis Colts 4 53 2 1 1 1 70.75
7 6 Denver Broncos 4 43 1 0 1 1 66.75
13 7 New England Patriots 4 31 2 1 1 62.25
10 8 Detroit Lions 4 34 2 1 1 1 61.25
8 9 Green Bay Packers 4 31 2 0 1 60.50
17 10 San Francisco 49ers 4 18 2 1 2 55.00
16 11 Arizona Cardinals 4 10 1 0 1 1 1 51.25
6 12 Seattle Seahawks 3 20 1 1 1 1 43.25
9 13 Cincinnati Bengals 3 21 1 0.5 1 42.75
22 14 Cleveland Browns 3 19 1 1 1 40.50
12 15 Houston Texans 3 12 1 1 1 37.00
24 16 Chicago Bears 3 -1 3 2 1 32.75
18 17 Kansas City Chiefs 2 18 1 1 1 30.75
11 18 New York Giants 3 -5 1 1 1 28.50
14 19 Buffalo Bills 3 -8 2 2 1 1 28.25
15 20 Pittsburgh Steelers 3 -15 2 1 1 1 26.75
20 21 Carolina Panthers 3 -16 1.5 1 1 1 25.25
21 22 Miami Dolphins 2 -4 1 2 1 17.75
23 23 New Orleans Saints 2 -9 0 0 15.50
19 24 Atlanta Falcons 2 -6 0 1 15.00
25 25 Minnesota Vikings 2 -39 1 2 -1.50
29 26 Tennessee Titans 2 -49 1 2 -6.50
26 27 Washington Redskins 1 -34 0 2 -11.00
27 28 St. Louis Rams 1 -49 1 3 -18.50
30 29 New York Jets 1 -62 0 3 -27.00
31 30 Oakland Raiders 0 -55 0 3 -33.50
28 31 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 1 -84 1 3 1 -35.00
32 32 Jacksonville Jaguars 0 -104 2 -56.00

NFL Week 6 Preview

NFL Scores: 2014 – Week 6.

Here are my thoughts on Week 6.

Colts beat Texans Thursday night: What an unbelievable turn of events for the Texans in the fourth quarter. After clawing and scratching back into the game, they lose primarily because neither WR Andre Johnson or QB Ryan Fitzpatrick could hold onto the ball when it counted. Oh, and we got another glimpse at the best QB in the league, Andrew Luck.

Steelers at Browns: AFC North punch-fest. Browns are at home and have already exceeded expectations with two wins (sarcasm). The Steelers have been wildly inconsistent and being on the road makes this far from a foregone conclusion. The Browns have the highest rated offense at, primarily due to the execution on the offensive line. If the Browns can run the ball effectively, they might take this one, but I’m still picking the Steelers.

Patriots at Bills: I picked the Bills in this one as I think their defense is good enough and the Patriots don’t defend the run all that well, which is a decided strength of the Bills. They have to run and keep Kyle Orton from having to be a difference maker, although he did just that last week against the Lions. A division matchup means I’m usually picking the home team, and I am here.

Panthers at Bengals: How many question marks are there for either team? The Bengals were atrociously flat coming off a bye last week against the Patriots. Now, they welcome the Panthers who are coming off a big come-from-behind win against the Bears at home. They’re still banged up at RB and I just don’t think the Bengals lose two in a row.

Jaguars at Titans: Speaking of teams with question marks…the Titans have plenty. Rookie RB Bishop Sankey starts for the injured Shonn Greene and that may not be a bad thing. QB Jake Locker is dealing with a wrist injury, if he plays at all. The Titans have underwhelmed and I’m actually picking the Jaguars and rookie QB Blake Bortles to get in the win column this week.

Packers at Dolphins: The Packers are flying high after big wins against the Bears and Vikings the last two weeks. The Dolphins welcome the return of RB Knowshon Moreno but he’s reportedly only in line for 8-10 carries. The Dolphins are more talented than how they perform on the field, and while the Packers are still suspect on defense there’s just no way I see Miami restraining Packers QB Aaron Rodgers.

Broncos at Jets: Peyton Manning and company vs. the dysfunction that is the New York Jets. Jets QB Geno Smith on back to back weeks has told Jets fans to eff off and get yanked in favor Michael Vick. If Vick is the answer, you don’t want to know the question. The Jets defense hasn’t been that bad, but they’re simply asked to do too much with an anemic offense not pulling their weight. The Broncos are missing RB Montee Ball but something tells me they’ll still have enought to beat the Jets.

Ravens at Buccaneers: FIrst year Bucs head coach Lovie Smith had not been able to provide the kind of quality everyone was expecting. It’s now QB Mike Glennon’s show- for better or worse. The Ravens are toting a three-headed backfield that just mystifies everyone as to why they don’t pick one and go with it. The Ravens defense has been top notch so far, I’m picking the Bucs to win this one at home.

Lions at Vikings: Vikings rookie QB Tedy Bridgewater returns to action, which actually gives the Vikes a fighting chance. The Lions are missing WR Calvin Johnson and RB Reggie Bush, but even with Bridgewater, the Vikings just don’t have enough offensive firepower to overcome the Detroit “D”.

Chargers at ┬áRaiders: The Raiders have a new head coach in Tony Sparano. QB Derek Carr was banged up last week, but no one is playing better ball than the San Diego Chargers right now. They’ll win on the road.

Bears at Falcons: The Falcons haven’t lost at home in their previous two matchups and the Bears are missing their top 4 LB’s. 2003 Brian Urlacher isn’t walking through that door and the Falcons know how to execute at home. The Falcons should win this one as the Bears simply won’t be able to keep up.

Cowboys at Seahawks: The difference in the Cowboys turnaround this season? Running the football. That won’t happen this week and Seattle is still the league’s toughest place to play. Seahawks win.

Redskins at Cardinals: The Cardinals have been better than I thought, and I thought they would be pretty good, but they just don’t blow my hair back. They get QB Carson Palmer back hopefully, but people who saw him practice recently said there just wasn’t a lot of zip on his throws. The last time we saw the Redskins, they were getting blown out and QB Kirk Cousins was having a tire-fire of a game. Arizona is a tough beat at home, though. Cards win.

Giants at Eagles: The Eagles have to be the worst 4-1 team in a while. Not because they’re not talented, but because they just haven’t executed and there are major question marks defensively. The Giants are gelling, and not the Dr. Scholl’s way. It’s a division game, and I hate to pick against the home team in those situations, but this is a game the Giants can win if they don’t turn the ball over.

49ers at Rams: The Rams and QB Austin Davis have actually been a nice story, despite their 1-3 record. The 49ers have won their last two and seem to be getting in a rhythm. TE Vernon Davis is banged up and that takes a major weapon away from Niners QB Colin Kaepernick. This is a game I hemmed-and-hawed over for a bit, but I think the 49ers are still too good of a team to lose this one.

Florida State Seminoles QB Jameis Winston Should Not Be Playing

Florida State Seminoles vs. Syracuse Orange – Recap – October 11, 2014 – ESPN.

Bias alert: I live an hour away from Syracuse and am a glutton for punishment as an Orange football fan.

The New York Times published an article detailing how law enforcement and pretty much everyone involved did everything possible to keep Florida State QB Jameis Winston from being charged with sexual assault. Now, I’m all for believing that folks are innocent until proven guilty and that until said conviction has been delivered, folks should be allowed to live freely under most circumstances.

However, when it is clear that due diligence has not been delivered in a case of this magnitude, then the institution should not put themselves in a position to benefit from someone who might just be a rapist.

There, I said it. Because no one seems to want to.

The New York Times report makes it abundantly clear than anyone and everyone went out of their way to protect Winston and did not give the charge the weight it deserved. Whether it’s simply because he’s a football player or it’s because of some backwards, back woods, old-school thinking that women are somehow at fault does not matter. A young lady made a complaint that she was violated and the powers that be may not have ignored it, but they did everything else but to make sure Winston would be allowed to play football.

The university’s response this week of sending a letter to Winston informing him of a disciplinary hearing is as much of mea culpa as you can ever hope to see in this instance.

What we have hear is the trail of bread crumbs starting paint a picture of just what kind of person Jameis Winston really is. You have the rape accusation. You have the instance where he ‘forgot’ to pay for crab legs at grocery store. Lastly, you have the instance earlier this season where he was suspended for an entire game for yelling an obscene phrase in a public building on campus. (That phrase, coupled with the rape allegation, says a little bit more to me than most but I’m willing to leave that labeled as “that’s just me”)

And in all of this, with the disciplinary hearing pending, there was Winston playing quarterback Saturday against Syracuse. Smiling and winning and acting as if he didn’t have a care in the world. Maybe he doesn’t, which tells us even more.

The university is asleep at the wheel on this one. If yelling obscenities in public was enough to miss a game, why isn’t the issue of rape? According to ESPN, the range of penalties that could be delivered at this hearing range from nothing at all to expulsion. If he’s expelled, what does that say for area law enforcement? If what he did was bad enough to get expelled, wasn’t there enough to charge him?

But let’s be honest: Winston is not going to get expelled. There’s too much money involved. And lost in all of this is a young lady who cried for help.

And no one listened because the crowd was cheering too loudly.

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